College-Level Examination Program®


Both Brookdale students and individuals attending other schools may earn credit through CLEP testing at Brookdale’s main campus. To schedule an appointment, please email testing at

Important Notice:  You must preregister and prepay the $93.00 fee (As of July 1st, 2024, the CLEP fee will be $95) for the CLEP test by going to the CollegeBoard website.  You must bring a printout of the Registration form and your payment of $30.00 (Proctoring fee) to Brookdale along with two forms of ID.  Please email us at to schedule an appointment with our office.

Important Notice:  As of October 2019, the Spanish Language CLEP will now be called the Spanish with Writing.  Brookdale Community College will be accepting credits for students who take the Spanish Writing CLEP.  If you score between a 50-62 you may receive credits for SPANISH 101 and 102. As of February 2021, if you score a 65 or higher you will receive credits for SPANISH 101, 102 and 203.  Information about this exam can be found here.

CLEP Identification Requirements:
 Candidates must present one form of identification as follows:

Acceptable forms of ID include:

Brookdale students may now earn 3 credits by scoring a 60 in College Composition Modular AND receiving a passing grade on an essay supplied and scored by our English Faculty. Acceptable scores on both parts will be equivalent to 3 credits for ENGL 121, and satisfy the prerequisites for ENGL 122.

The CLEP program has developed several tools to support test takers.  The following tools can be accessed on the CLEP website.

CLEP Tutorial – Testing Platform
This video tutorial guides test-takers through the internet-based testing platform to help you become familiar witht he testng tools, the tyupes of examination questions and the types of calculators that will appear in a CLEP exam.

CLEP Exam Registration Video – My Account
This video demonstration guides test-takers through the CLEP exam registration process, including:  identifying an institution that accepts a CLEP policy, purchasing exam and study materials, registering on the My Account protal and scheduling an exam with a test center (don’t forget – you don’t need to schedule an exam with Brookdale’s Testing Center – all testing is done on a walk-in basis).  An accompanying flyer with detailed instructions can be downloaded as well.

CLEP is for Everyone! 
Is CLEP right for you?  This video may help you decide.

Students with Documented Disabilities

Candidates who have been approved for testing accommodations should self-identify to a Testing Services Staff member so that appropriate accommodations can be given. Documentation must be provided. Accommodations that may be available are one and half time or double time, calculator, ruler, magnifying glass, Screen Magnification (ZoomText) or spell checker. In some cases, a reader or recorder may be available by appointment.

Brookdale Students: Click here for Brookdale’s course, credit and score equivalencies for CLEP exams.