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Testing Center Information for Faculty


The staff of Brookdale Community College’s Testing Center is dedicated to providing exemplary service to our students and professional support to our faculty.

    • Please help us help you by advising students of the following:
  • Students must have a Brookdale photo ID.  Under no circumstances will a test be administered without a government-issued photo ID.
  • Students must sign in on our computerized sign-in system which is in the hallway outside our Testing Center.
  • Students must place all personal items, including turned-off cell phones, in our lockers.  We will provide a lock and key that the students hold on to while they are taking their test.
  • Students may not leave the Testing room during the test.  Once they leave, the test is considered complete and they may not come back and continue the test.

How we can work together:

  • Please do not ask students to relay information to us.  Contact a Testing Center staff member directly if something changes with the student’s test.  (i.e. you’ve extended their test date,etc.)
  • Please replace out-dated tests.
  • Please do not ask any Testing Center staff member to give out test grades or scores over the phone.  We will not violate FERPA regulations.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have a photocopier, so we are unable to photocopy exams.  Please send us the appropriate amount of copies.  If you are sending a test for just one student, you may email it to the Manager;  however, it if requires more than one copy, you must supply those copies to us.
  • We will not return exams via interoffice mail.
  • Please do not ask your students to leave homework or other assignments with us.  We cannot accept responsibility for collecting homework for students.

Batch Scoring

Through the Testing Center’s Digital Desk System

  • Forms for both the answer keys and the student answer sheets can be picked up in Testing Services (Lower Level of CAR)
  • The Batch Scoring Request Form (click here to request a printable form) must be completed and returned to Testing Services with the batch (and key if the  key is not on file with Testing Services).
  • Please allow Testing Services 72 hours to complete the scoring of the batch.
  • Students must CORRECTLY input their student ID numbers (they must circle in two zeros before their seven digit BCC student ID number which begins with at least one zero)
  • You will be provided with a roster with all of the students’ results, a result sheet for each individual student, and if requested, and Item Analysis of the test.

Through “Stand Alone” scanners

Scantron forms are purchased through your Division Administrator.  Forms will be ordered during the summer, so if you will be using the scantron (small green) forms, please let your Division Administrator know how many you require.

These scanners are simple to use.  You create your answer key on a blank form (don’t forget to indicate it’s the key) and run it through the machine on top of your batch of tests.

Incorrect answers will be marked on the students’ tests, and a score will be given (i.e. 48/50 – 48 of 50 answers are correct)  No other print out is available.

  • Scanners are located at:

►The Testing Center Storage Closet (Lower Level of CAR – see staff member for key)
►LAH 306
►LAH 214 (Anita Molsky is the contact person)
►MAN 111
►LAH 222 
Western Monmouth Branch Campus
►Eastern Monmouth HEC
►Long Branch HEC (testing room)
►Northern Monmouth HEC
►Wall HEC (in main office behind the faculty mailboxes)


Proctor Approvals for Distance Education Classes

Testing Services assists faculty and the TLC with coordination and approval of your distance learning and hybrid class testing.

We ask that you utilize our Test Administration Request Form when submitting all tests (as well as make-up tests for your traditional face-to-face classes).  Please email Bill at and we will send you a copy by return email.  It is also available in the Faculty Portal.

Click here for a Proctor Agreement form which must be completed by your student and any non-Brookdale proctor.  Once this is completed and submitted to us, our staff will consider the proctor for approval and when appropriate, forward the test to the proctor and have it sent back to us, and get it back to you.

The Proctor Agreement is also available on the Student Web Page.

The Staff of Testing Services will coordinate the proctoring agreements and delivery of all proctored exams both on and off the Brookdale campuses and centers.

Make Up Testing

Student missed the class due to illness/emergency.
Student must have your permission to take the exam in the Testing Center.  This should be in the way of a permission slip (click here to request a printable form)
Please specify on your permission slip whether the test is your own test or a department test. If it is your own test, please send a copy to us before the student is scheduled to take the exam.

Faculty was unable to attend class due to illness / emergency.   
Contact your Academic Division Dean to request permission for the test to be administered in Testing Services. Please copy Testing Services. Once permission has been received, contact the Manager of Testing to make arrangements to put the test in the Testing Center.  Please also complete the Test Administration Request Form (click here to request a printable form)
Once the deadline for the test has passed, please make arrangements to pick up all completed and unused tests.

College was closed due to inclement weather or other emergency  
In order to place tests in the Testing Center for classes missed due to inclement weather or other emergency College or class cancellation, you must request permission from your Academic Division.  Once permission has been granted, you must email the Manager of Testing with a copy to the Vice President for Student Success to let them know that your students will be testing in the Testing Center.

Once contact has been made, make arrangements with the Manager of Testing to put the test in the Testing Center. Please also complete the Testing Administration Request Form Once the deadline for the test has passed, please make arrangements to pick up all completed and unused tests.

Alternate Delivery Classes (hybrid, online, TV, etc)
Complete the Test Administration Request Form (click here for printable form)  Preferably, all tests for alternate delivery classes should be administered via the Canvas Secure Browser. Contact the Innovation Center for instructions on how to do this.

Canvas Supported Classes

Is your class Canvas-Supported?  If so, you can send your class to Testing Services for testing IF your test can be administered through the Canvas Course Management System.  Contact William De Voe, Manager, at or ext.1973 for additional information.
NOTE: Please specify on your permission slip whether the test is your own test or a department test.

For Canvas Supported Classes:
Complete the Test Administration Request Form.
All tests administered by the Testing Center for Canvas supported classes MUST be administered via the Canvas Secure Browser.  Contact the Innovation Center for instructions on how to do this.

Did you know?

Students can test at any of the Brookdale Regional Centers or the Branch Campus via the Canvas Secure Browser.  At the Testing Center on the main campus, they do not need an appointment, but they should check with staff at each of the other Centers/Branch Campus to find out testing times and whether an appointment is necessary.