Financing Study Abroad

One common issue students face is how they will finance their study abroad adventure. Compared to a semester at Brookdale, study abroad expenses may seem expensive, but they usually cost close to, or cheaper than, the tuition at a 4-year institution, like Rutgers.

However, study abroad can be affordable. When you consider the career benefits that await study abroad alumni, the investment you will make in your study abroad experience will be worth it!  Below you will find valuable information on various financial aid opportunities that you can put to work for you!


Apply for financial aid

If you’ve never applied for assistance, do it! Even if you have, re-applying as a study abroad participant may allow you to access to additional funding. Federal grants and loans can be applied to study abroad, making it easier to finance your study abroad program. Study abroad courses approved for credit are considered Brookdale courses, allowing you to remain enrolled at Brookdale in order to access federal grants and loans.

To find out more, stop by the OneStop Center in the CAR building, visit the Financial Aid website, or call 732-224-2361.



Who doesn’t want free money?

Apply for Brookdale’s Elaine Baran Study Abroad Scholarship. Application deadlines are October 15 and March 15, each year.

Click Here for a list of other external study abroad scholarships sponsored by a variety of other organizations.


Crowd Funding

Check out some of these sites. This is a fun and easy way to involve your immediate and extended family and friends in supporting your study abroad experience.


Student Loans & Personal Loans

While no one likes borrowing money, keep in mind that there is quite a difference between careless credit card spending and taking out a loan to assist with an educational investment.

With today’s diverse, global labor market, international experience can give you a competitive edge to jump start your professional future. Student and Private loans generally provide student loans with reasonable interest rates which do not require repayment until after graduation.

Other Creative Fundraising Ideas

Click Here to check out some techniques which other students have used to fund their travel adventures.

Online Resources for Financial Aid/Scholarships for Study Abroad

Alternative Opportunities

International Partnership for Service Learning

Internships Abroad

Transitions Abroad (internships)