A Quick Look at Study Abroad

Studying Abroad is an amazing and life-changing experience! However, like all great adventures, study abroad requires a little extra planning and a lot of open mindedness. Because the International Education Center (IEC) offers students such a vast scope of program options throughout the world, the following is a brief outline of considerations to help you prepare for your international studies.







Personal Preferences

Click here to learn more about obtaining a passport.

How to Apply

Students interested in studying abroad should make an appointment with the IEC staff to explore available Jan-term, semester and summer programs.

The IEC is located in MAC 114 on the Lincroft campus.  You can schedule an appointment by stopping by or calling 732-224-2799.  For questions, feel free to e-mail us at studyabroad@brookdalecc.edu or call 732-224-2799.

Photo credit: Meg Natter