Maintaining your Status

Staying Legal in F-1 StatusGeneral immigration rules for F-1 students.
Request to Drop below Full – Time
Concurrent Enrollment Information –
For students who wish to enroll at another school at the same time.
Extending your F-1 Status and Statement of Financial Support
Reinstatement to Lawful F-1 Status
Travel Instructions (traveling within the U.S/ re-entering the U.S.)
I-20 Request Form –
Use this form to request an updated I-20 form.
Address/Telephone Update Form – Use this form to notify IEC of a change in your address or phone number.


Overview of Working while in F-1 Status – Explains on and off-campus work opportunities.
Curricular Practical Training and Sample Employer Letter
Optional Practical Training and OPT Employer Information Form
Economic Necessity Instructions and Application and Student Budget Form

Tax Documents 

2019 Tax Return Information for International Students
Form 8843-2019

Campus Life and Activities

For a more detailed list of clubs, organizations and events you can join, please go to the Student Life & Activities pages.

One of the most popular clubs for international students is the International Student Association (ISA) The only requirement is that you have an interest in learning more about the world and other cultures. Meetings are every Tuesday in MAC 204, from 12 to 1 pm. If you’re interested in joining, please contact

Thanksgiving Host Program – Spend Thanksgiving Day – IS CANCELLED FOR 2020–  with an American family! This new program has been created to share one of our holidays unique to the U.S. You and a friend (or your family) will have a chance to experience the traditional thanksgiving foods cooked with the cultural flavors from the host’s family origin.  Watch Brookdale Newsmakers story featuring student Karen S and Dr. Ave Latte talk about their Thanksgiving dinner experience.