What is “Pass/No Credit”?

The Pass/No Credit option allows a student to select up to eight credits (2 courses maximum) during their academic career at Brookdale that are graded as a “Pass” or “No Credit” grade instead of the traditional “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F” grading types. A course grade that would typically be assigned as a “C” or better would become a “Pass” grade. A “D” or “F” grade would become a “No Credit” grade.

There is a specific deadline for Pass/No Credit published in the “Important Dates” calendar for each term. Requests made after this date will not be considered.

What classes can I take “Pass/No Credit”?

In order to be eligible for a Pass/No Credit grade a course:

Why would I consider “Pass/No Credit” grading?

Students may anticipate a semester in which they will be challenged academically and may prefer to take a course as “Pass/No Credit” to better balance their workload. Students may prefer to take a course that does not count in to their GPA, but will allow them to earn credits (assuming they receive a “Pass” grade).

Courses that are assigned as a “Pass/No Credit” grade DO NOT count towards your Grade Point Average. If a student earns a “Pass” grade they earn full credits in their course and can utilize this grade to fulfill a pre-requisite grade requirement of “C” or higher.

What should I consider before choosing “Pass/No Credit”?

While courses with “Pass/No Credit” grade options can be utilized towards your coursework at Brookdale, it’s important to know that courses with a “Pass/No Credit” grade type may not transfer to other institutions. Students are responsible for researching whether or not this may make sense for their future transfer options.

Students who receive tuition benefits through their employer or other third party should discuss whether or not this is permitted prior to choosing this option.

Student who receive Montgomery GI Bill benefits can be adversely affected by selecting this option if they receive a “No Credit” grade in their course. This can result in partial or full repayment of tuition and fees paid for the class and/or changes to monthly allowances resulting in debt.

Unsure if this option is the right one for you?

Speak to your Brookdale Success Coach or the administrative unit at your four-year school to determine if this will be the right option for you. You can schedule an appointment with a Success Coach by contacting us at (732) 224-2555.

I’m ready to select this option, what should I do?

If you’re ready to select the Pass/No Credit option for one of your courses please complete the form (PASS-NO CREDIT OPTION FORM) and submit it to pncapp@brookdalecc.edu. You will receive a confirmation once your form is processed. As we approach the application deadline please note it can take 7-10 business days.