Course Modalities (Course Delivery)

Review the list below for more information about the ways in which we are offering courses this Fall, Spring, and Summer. Please be sure to review any special notes related to each offering type.

Don’t forget to click on the “Register Now” button to ensure you complete the registration process. Your classes are not locked in until you have done so. Be sure to view any alerts that may require your action noted at the top of the screen.


Online - Remote Live Classes:

Sections designated as “Online – Remote – Live Classes” will include specific days and times you will be expected to log in and meet with your class online.

Online - Fully Online:

Sections designated as “Online – Fully Online” do not have a day/time meeting requirement.

Online - Remote Hybrid:

Sections designated as “Online – Remote Hybrid” will include a mix of specific login times (based on the day and time noted in your search results) in which you will meet with your class and independent or smaller group work. Your instructor will provide you further information on the first day of classes, and specific guidance regarding the meeting and learning plan for your course each week.

Specific meeting day and time requirements are listed if you detail in on the section for more information (in the “Catalog Listing” search option), or review the details in the “Meeting Information” and “Comments” columns in the course search results if utilizing the “Section Listing” search option. Please review this additional information for details regarding the meeting schedule for this hybrid class offerings.


Course sections that meet In-Person will include an on-site location, such as Lincroft, with a specific meeting day and time. Course building and room information (for example, Larrison Hall 201 or MAS 217) will be viewable as these specific spaces are assigned.

Important Note About Testing and Online Course Offerings:

Online course offerings may require In-Person proctored examinations, graded quizzes or assignments. Please check the section notes for your course to determine if this is a requirement. Students are responsible for following up with the appropriate academic area prior to the semester start to ensure any needed testing arrangements are in place.

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