Placement Testing and Registration


It is best if you take your placement assessments and register for classes prior to your arrival.

You received instructions to take the ESL Placement test or the Placement Assessments (Math & Reading) at the time of admission.



All placement tests are located on CANVAS. Students who are abroad or out-of-state may take the placement tests online.

All other students must take the placement tests at the Testing Center on the Lincroft campus, or by appointment at one of the Higher Education Centers.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Students. You will take a written and oral test. If you test out of the ESL program, you may take the Placement Assessments. E-mail for any questions.

Academic Students. You will take Placement Assessments in Math and Reading, and you will complete an English Questionnaire.


Advising and Registration

ESL Students. Synde Kaufman, the ESL Administrator will register you for classes. Email

Academic Students – Mr. Joir Kamphuis is the academic advisor for international students. He will assist you in selecting your classes.

Visit the Academic Advising webpage to learn about the advising department.To schedule an appointment call +1-732-224-2555 (quickest way) or email Joir Kamphuis at .

Register for your classes via Student Planning.


Paying Tuition

Pay your tuition and fees – If you register before January 3, you must pay your fees or set up a payment plan by January 3, 2024.
If you register after January 3-16, you must pay or set up a payment plan at the time of registration.

Sponsored Students (AIFS, ISPA, ADEK, etc.) You must email the International Education Center as soon as you have registered for classes. This will protect your schedule from being dropped.

Important Term Dates – deadlines to register, pay, add/drop, receive a refund, etc.