Welcome to the Academic Access Program

The Academic Access Program is an academic program that offers classes in college readiness as well as individualized tutoring. We are located in Larrison Hall, Room 120. We have two classrooms, plus cubicles for individualized tutoring.

When searching for classes in Webadvisor, the Academic Access classes are listed as ACAD classes.

ACAD stands for Academic Skills Workshop. ACAD classes focus on the skills required for college success. These skills include reading strategies, study skills, notetaking, organization, time management, vocabulary, and computer research techniques. Each three-hour class within the program is supplemented by weekly, scheduled, one-hour personalized tutoring sessions in which students may apply the strategies learned in class to their content area courses.

Upon completion of the Academic Access series of classroom offerings, upper-level students are encouraged to enroll in an Academic Access hybrid course that is comprised of weekly two-hour private tutoring sessions in conjunction with an online component.

The following courses include one hour of weekly tutoring:

The following course includes two hours of weekly tutoring:

Please contact us if you have any questions, or stop in to the program office.

Laura Kirkwood

Brooke Batchler
Coordinator of Academic Access Program