Scheduling Appointments

Sign in – be sure to sign in your course-specific book to document the hours that you have spent in the lab and have your tester/tutor log you in and out of ThinkingStorm.

Cancellations – If you must cancel a Nursing Skills Lab appointment, you must log in to ThinkingStorm and cancel the scheduled appointment at least one hour prior to the appointment start time. If you do not do so, the appointment will be considered a Missed appointment, a status that will prevent you from using ThinkingStorm to schedule appointments until you talk to Pam Anania or call her at 732-224-2493. A record is kept of students who do not call or show for testing and a referral will be made. If you are going to be a few minutes late, please call and the spot will be held for a short period of time.

Skill Testing – appointments needed for testing. No scheduling is done over the phone. Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled time depending on the skill in order to set up the testing area. Lab instructor will inform students of arrival time.

Supervised practice – Appointments can be made for supervised practice with a lab assistant to answer questions and help with skill performance. There is a 10-student maximum and testing cannot be scheduled for the same day as a supervised practice. Appointments are made for 30 minutes. This is not a teaching session or skill demonstration by lab staff. Students should come in prepared for the skill.

Peer Workshop– You do not need to sign up with a partner. Sign up for scheduled group times where you will work in teams to complete the skills validation with the guidance of a lab Instructor. You will be grouped on the day of testing. Peer-tested skills are outlined in the course-specific Syllabus and the Clinical Lab Guide

Math – Assistance with math is offered as workshops or individual tutoring and is available to students after attendance at a math workshop. Scheduled math workshops are posted at the skills lab entrance.

Tutoring – Tutoring is available for concept maps, care plans, and more. Speak to a lab instructor for help and information.


Book a Tutoring or Lab Appointment:

Join a Scheduled Online Tutoring Appointment:


Uniforms – for testing lab coats must be worn. Skills validation is a reflection of clinical practice; therefore, hair, nails, and jewelry must meet practice requirements.

Nurse kit – testing supplies must be purchased from SunRay Medical. Students will not receive their skills validation forms if they have not purchased a nurse kit.

Skills validation forms – Skills validation forms will be given to the student who successfully completes the assigned skill according to lab guidelines and dates. Completed skills validation forms are turned in to your clinical instructor. It is your responsibility to turn in the signed forms. As stated in the Nursing Student Handbook, it is the student’s responsibility to notify clinical faculty if skills are not completed by the due date. Referrals are made for students who complete the skills validation late. Completing skills in a timely manner is evaluated by clinical faculty at the midterm and final evaluation.  IMPORTANT Clean up Required –skill validation forms for successful skill completion will not be granted until the testing area has been cleaned and organized by the student after testing.

Retest Forms – retest forms are given instead of skill validation forms to students who are in need of additional remediation and practice of the assigned skill. Students will reschedule another appointment to retest in order to achieve a skill validation form.

Referrals – Clinical instructors may refer students to the lab to re-validate skills. Use TutorTrac to schedule appointments in the lab. Bring with you the referral form from your clinical faculty. The completed skill validation form is returned to your clinical faculty after re-validation.

Practice – come in during the hours of operation for practice. No appointments necessary.

Simulations – groups workshops scheduled as per your course calendar.