Bankier Library Mission

We, the Bankier Library faculty and staff, are committed to student success. We continue, supplement and enhance the classroom experience by providing information literacy components as part of the learning program developed in consultation with classroom faculty. We select and provide assistance in the use of the resources for scholarly inquiry appropriate to the curriculum and mission of the College and its partner institutions.

In a comprehensive program of research and study services, we seek to provide:

While the curriculum is the key to our selection criteria, we also consider:

The Bankier Library provides discretionary access to information and resource-sharing for Monmouth County residents and other libraries.

Bankier Library Vision

Bankier Library is the College’s scholarly information center.

Our vision is to be:

Bankier Library Values

We value the learner-centered community.

We value intellectual freedom.

We value innovation and access to information through the judicious use of technologies for research and communication.

We value the process by which information becomes knowledge and we support the college community in that endeavor.

Bankier Library Actions

Information Literacy

Information Resources

Faculty and Staff