Headshot of instructor Perry Scaranni smilingLike to take your construction career to the next level, or maybe jump right in to the booming field of construction management?

Success could be just 36 hours away, says Brookdale success story Perry Scarannipresident of P. Scaranni Builders Corp. and creator/instructor of our popular Construction Management Certificate program. 

A recent immigrant from Brazil and just 19 when he began both his BCC career and professional one in construction, Perry had already worked by then as an office assistant, translator, cook, waiter, and supermarket deli guy. “But I’d noticed that the biggest sources of U.S. economic strength were the stock market and the housing industry, and I didn’t have the education to get into the stock market.” So construction it was. And no, he didn’t start off owning his own company.

“I used to ask my boss if I could take the small jobs he didn’t want, like painting a bathroom or installing a couple of doors. And eventually, the clients on those jobs would give me a little more work and a little more, until eventually I began to need to hire subcontractors.”  By the time he received his Brookdale associate’s in Business two years later, he’d also became his own boss.

That was almost a quarter of a century ago, and he’s still going strong. So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that much of what he teaches comes from long experience. But not all of it. “I’m a big believer in education.” He has since earned a Bachelor of International Business and Master of Information Technology from Kean University and is now working toward his Doctorate in Education Leadership at Monmouth University–that last because “there just comes a point in your life when it’s time to give back by sharing what you’ve learned,” says Perry, who also volunteers for causes from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to the Brookdale Foundation.

What might surprise you? The sheer range of people who can benefit from the know-how he has to share. Apart from construction workers ready to move up to contracting and contractors looking to tackle more jobs at once, “I’ve had interior designers who wanted to offer more complete services, a financial planner in search of a new career, a woman running her husband’s roofing business….” In fact, women made up a hefty 40 percent of his last class—and why not, since the field doesn’t require any great physical strength, he says, just great administrative skills in requesting bids, pricing jobs, scheduling, and dealing with architects, contractors and customers.  “A construction manager is like a symphony conductor. To make beautiful music, you have to wear multiple hats.”

Ready to make some beautiful music yourself? To register for Perry’s program, delivered live starting September 13th in just 36 hours of weekly two-hour Zoom evening classes, call 732-224-2315. Given the skyscraper-high projected job growth rate and current salary.com-reported $126K mean annual pay for Construction Managers in New Jersey, it could be the most rewarding call you’ll ever make.