Mandatory Prerequisite: Introduction To Interpreting

Do you speak Spanish or Portuguese?  Explore career opportunities using your mastery of English and a second language.  Discover everything you need to know about the Judicial and Medical Interpreting certificate program.   Explore the three different modes of interpreting: consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation. This class is a prerequisite to register for the program and includes the required testing of your second language abilities.  

Wed, Mar 13, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $39, XBUSC 055

Judicial And Medical Interpreting Certificate –

English/Spanish OR English/Portuguese

Instructors: Beatriz Craney, Rejane Franco, Maria Teresa Perez

Court interpreters work in a variety of legal settings, such as attorney-client meetings, preliminary hearings, arraignments, depositions, and trials. Medical interpreters help patients communicate with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. For prerequisites, program description, required texts, and information on how to attain a certificate, visit

All four of the following courses must be completed. The courses run concurrently and meet from 6:30-9 pm on the dates listed below:

  • Consecutive Interpreting: Thurs, Apr 4-Jun 13
  • Simultaneous Interpreting/Sight Translation – English/Spanish AND English/Portuguese: Tues, Apr 23 1-Jun 11
  • Judicial Interpreting – English/Spanish: Jun 18-Aug 13 (no class Jul 2) English/Portuguese: Wed, Jun 19-Aug 14 (no class Jul 3)
  • Medical Interpreting – English/Spanish AND English/Portuguese: Thurs, Jun 20-Aug 15 (no class Jul 4)

Fee and Codes: $2024 (plus required texts of approximately $300)
English/Spanish, XBUSC 056
English/Portuguese, XBUSC 057

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