“The Data Standards and Information Security Committee will provide leadership in the development, implementation, and maintenance of College-wide data management, standards, and guidelines. In view of the College’s risk exposure to data security issues, the committee will provide leadership in the review, evaluation, and interpretation of all issues related to the College’s information security governance, compliance, data protection, and privacy programs. The committee will recommend to the Technology Steering Committee policy and procedures for protecting the institution’s data, systems, and information assets.”

Laura Longo, Director Institutional Research & Evaluation, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (Chair)

Hatem Akl, Director of Enterprise Applications

Christopher Boehmer, Director of eSports

Linda DeButts, Program Manager Professional Development, HR

Christopher Jeune, Executive Director of Student Services

Matt Siuzdak, Executive Director of Finance

George Sotirion, Chief Information Officer

Nicole Williams, Associate Director Information Systems, Registration & Records

Technical Director, Office of Information Technologies, TBD

Representative from Police/Public Safety, TBD


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