Report Spam or Suspicious Emails

Please report any suspected spam or phishing emails to  Reporting spam, and phishing emails using this email address will immediately notify our email administrators of the email in suspect.  Reporting email phishing scams will allow us to identify and prevent the distribution of spam, phishing, and malicious attacks on our email system.  The source of the email is contained in message header lines, which are not entirely visible by default. These headers contain information about the potential sender and the path an email took.  When reporting spam, it is important to forward the original email as an attachment so that the header information is preserved.

Follow the steps below to report spam.

Reporting Spam from Office 365 on the Web

To send as an attachment

  • Log into Outlook on the web.
  • Click +new mail.
  • Enter the following email address:
  • Click the open separate window icon,open separate window icon located at the top right corner of the message window. This will open the message in a new window within your browser.
  • Organize your browser windows so that you can view both your mail folder listing and this message window.
  • Drag the email, from your mail inbox/folder list, that you want to include in the message you are composing. It will be included as an attachment.
  • Enter any other relative information and click the Send button.
Reporting Spam from Outlook Client for Windows

To send as an attachment

  • Open a message by double-clicking on it.
  • Within Message tab, in the ‘Respond’ group, click on More to get a drop-down option of forwarding/sending as an attachment
  • Enter the following email address:
  • Click Send
Reporting Spam from Outlook Client for Mac

To forward a message as an attachment

  • Click Home tab.
  • Select Message.
  • Click the Attachment button from within the ribbon bar to forward the message as an attachment.
  • Enter the following email address:
  • Click Send.

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