Cost of the Program


In addition to the college tuition and fees, students should anticipate approximately $2000.00 in start-up fees (e.g. criminal background checks, physicals, aid course, CPR training, uniforms, malpractice insurance, stethoscope, nurse supply kit) and an additional $2000.00 to cover the cost of required textbooks, software and online resources distributed throughout the program.

The schedule for tuition refunds is posted on the college webpage. Please note the additional program fees for Health Science programs listed on the college tuition-fees page.

College-wide financial aid information is available through the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships Available

Information about available scholarships is available through the Brookdale Foundation and Brookdale Alumni Affairs. The New Jersey Student Nurse Association has scholarship opportunities available, as does the Frank and Louise Groff Foundation. has a list of scholarships available, including scholarships open to men.