Welcome to the STEM Lounge!

The STEM Lounge is located in MAS 107 and it is a space created to allow STEM students to meet, study or just hang out.  The space was cosponsored by Brookdale’s STEM Institute, the Student Life Board and the NASA Space Grant Consortium.

Stop by between your classes and you may walk into a meeting of a Student Club, or you may be able to get some help in a STEM course. Please see the calendar below for tutor availability.

Peer Tutoring Services

Our Peer Tutors are students who did well in the classes they tutor. We recommend that for Math help you walk up a flight of stairs and get help in the Math Lab as there are many great Learning Assistants or tutors there.  Our peer tutors will be glad to help you with anything they can. They may even venture to help you with a class they are currently enrolled in. Please check this website for tutors’ hours every Sunday as their availability may change from week to week.

This semester our peer tutors: Lauren Williamson, Alan Alexander and Brian Smith are available to tutor every Thursday from 11:20 a.m. until 1:20 p.m. They can help with a variety of subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics,  Anatomy and Physiology, CAD and MATLAB.

Any questions/comments/concerns, please email Ana Teodorescu at ateodorescu@brookdalecc.edu