ESL Tutoring and Resources

Our department offers an array of free services to all enrolled ESL students.

Tutoring by our experienced staff is available to students seeking additional help or further practice. Appointments will be available online. Please contact Lisa Morris or Frank Prignoli to schedule an appointment

Workshops are offered to reinforce lessons.

We also provide conversation groups for all levels.  Groups are scheduled either before or after classes for convenience. This is the perfect opportunity for students who have limited English outside of class. All students are encouraged to attend regularly. Please check our Brookdale ESL Facebook page for days and times.

Our ESL program features an 18-station computer lab equipped with ESL learning software for all levels, including a program focused on pronunciation. Staff-assisted open lab hours are available to students who wish to reinforce their classroom learning.

Brookdale’s Bankier Library houses a sizeable section of ESL readers for our students – section PE 1128. Students of all levels are encouraged to read regularly. Additional resources are listed on the ESL Library guide.

Other resources such as additional exercises and useful links are also available upon request.