Juliette GouletJuliette Goulet | MAS 105 | 732-224-2250

I received my doctorate and my Master’s of Science Degree in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior at the City University of New York. My research assessed how weather and climate affect the diversity, density, and distribution of wintering land bird populations on both local and regional scales. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from Rutgers University in Ecology and Natural Resource Management with a minor in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior. I hope to share my love of the environment with my students and provide them with the scientific background needed to understand how the earthworks and how we as human beings, influence natural systems. By the end of each semester, I expect that my students will be able to identify and analyze environmental problems along with the risks associated with these problems; as well as understand what it is to be a steward for the environment, including how to live their lives in a more sustainable manner.

Tim MacalusoTimothy Macaluso | 732-224-1959

Tim Macaluso received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Stockton University, he worked as a geologist in the environmental engineering field, assessing Superfund sites before coming to Brookdale Community College. He received his Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Degree from Stockton University in Environmental Science, researching how watershed management affected bacterial contamination in the Navesink River.  When he is not volunteering for the Geological Association of New Jersey, Rally for the Navesink, or the Rutgers Geology Museum, Tim likes to enjoy both the natural and man-made, built environments.

Emmel Tom BrownEmmel (Tom) Brown

Adjunct Instructor, Environmental Science
I have been an adjunct instructor at Brookdale since 2015.  I have taught and supervised laboratories at The College of Staten Island for over 25 years.  I have a strong interest in avian populations, primarily with migration and vagrancy.  A federally licensed master bird bander I run a monitoring station at Sandy Hook, and have been on several research trips to the Antarctic and conducted seabird and marine mammal surveys from Virginia to New Jersey in association with wind farm studies.

Harry ComptonHarry Compton

Harry Compton, adjunct professor -started my college career at Camden County Community College before transferring to Stockton State College. At Stockton, I received an undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Physics. After a 5yr. hiatus working, I resumed my academic pursuit at the University of Pennsylvania earning a Master’s Degree in Regional Planning with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. After U. Penn I worked for US EPA for 34 years on a national and international environmental disaster response team as part of the Superfund mandate. My job was to investigate, design, and engineer sustainable solutions to hazmat releases. This took me to every US state and six developing countries. This led to my love of traveling in general. My Brookdale career as an adjunct started in the Spring of 2018 teaching Principles of Sustainability and now Environmental Science. While I had always enjoyed teaching my experience thus far at Brookdale has been personally rewarding. On a personal note, I enjoy hiking and sailing.

Brian HulmeBrian Hulme

Brian Hulme is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Environmental Science Department.  He received his Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Rutgers University, and his Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.  He is currently employed at the New Jersey Department of Agriculture where he works on a variety of programs including; On-Farm and Processor Food Safety, Organic Certification, Dairy Industry Economic Development, Grant Management, and collaborates on miscellaneous issues with the USDA, FDA, and other agencies.  Prior to joining the NJDA, he assisted in field research at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension and was a small farmer and business owner.  His professional interests include Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Human Toxicology, and Public Policy.  Personally, he’s a big fan of soccer, sci-fi, and good music wherever he can find it.

Stephanie KealyStephanie Kealy

Stephanie Kealy is currently an Adjunct Instructor of Environmental Science and Oceanography. She started as an Instructional Assistant in 2013. She earned her BA in geology from Mount Holyoke College in 2009. In 2018 she graduated from Rutgers University with an MS in Ecology and Evolution, a certificate in Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience, and a certificate in Human Dimensions of Environmental Change. Prof. Kealy is passionate about outdoor education, ecotherapy, and environmental health. When she’s not teaching, you can find her at the gym or soaking up the sun at Sandy Hook.

JoAnn LaytonJoAnn Layton

Adjunct, STEM
M.S., Education Dowling College
M.S., Environmental Science, NJIT
B.S., Environmental Science, Rutgers University

After working in the Environmental Science industrial sector (PSE&G, Fisher Scientific, and Estee Lauder Companies) for 15 years, I did a career change into Education.  I currently teach 8th grade science in the Matawan Aberdeen Middle School but I teach Sustainability at Brookdale because it is my passion!  I love being able to educate and encourage students to look at careers in the Environmental/Sustainable areas.   I also encourage my two boys to leave “only footprints” when we regularly travel and explore new places hiking or mountain biking.

Valerie LeoneValerie Leone

Valerie Leone has been involved in environmental education for over ten years. From her career beginnings as a naturalist at parks in New Jersey and New York, to teaching as an environmental science adjunct at Brookdale, her passion for our natural world is robust and diverse. Valerie is also an elementary and middle school gardening teacher and has been combining the study of ecology with the practice of gardening for many years. When not in the classroom, she can be found outside in one of her many gardens – growing produce for community donation, making heaps of compost, and taking a daily moment to truly enjoy it all.

Becky Mathers LoweryBecky Mathers-Lowery

Hello. My name is Becky Mathers-Lowery. I have worked at BCC as an adjunct instructor in the Environmental Sciences department since January 2011. During my time at BCC, I have taught a variety of classes including, environmental science, environmental studies, oceanography, and principles of sustainability. I also created the first fully online and hybrid environmental sciences for the college. My educational background includes a BS from Penn State University in Earth Sciences, an MS in Ecological Teaching & Learning from Lesley University, and soon, a Ph.D. in environmental studies at Antioch University New England. My dissertation research focuses on the lasting effects of a profound experience with nature – an experience that changes an individual’s view of or relationship with the natural world. The natural world is my passion and I love spending time outside. I also enjoy reading, working out, yoga, and spending time with my family.

James OfeldtJames Ofedlt

Adjunct/Instructional Assistant for Environmental Sciences, Biology, Oceanography, and Anatomy and Physiology

Bachelor of the Arts Marine Science/Environmental Science from Stockton University
Masters of Sciences in Biology from Clemson University

General Interests: Marine Biology, Medical Sciences, Biology, Ecology

Kelly NgKelly Ng

Instructional Assistant for Environmental Science, Oceanography, Biology, Anatomy

Bachelor of Sciences in Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Masters of Sciences in Ecology and Evolution
Master’s Thesis: Temporal and Thermal Analysis of Pituophis melanoleucus Nesting Selection and Behavior

General Interests
Behavioral ecology, animal behavior, wildlife conservation, biodiversity, herpetology, citizen science

Hobbies: rock climbing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, bird-watching, camping
On my days off: I love to spend time with my husband reading, cooking, and looking after our crested gecko, a melanistic corn snake, and a tuxedo cat!

Barbara Schmidt and her horseBarbara Schmidt

Professor Barbara Schmidt received a MAT in Science Education from Monmouth University.  Her research included microbiological and chemical water quality analysis on selected lakes/streams in Monmouth county.  Professor Schmidt earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Kean University and was previously employed as a Laboratory Manager /Chemist in both the water and wastewater industries.  Professor Schmidt hopes to relay to students the importance of conservation of all species on our planet Earth, and how this will reflect on our own survival and sustainability.

Personal Interests: marine environment, diving, and boating.

Joseph ReynoldsJoe Reynolds

I have been with Brookdale Community College for over 15 years. I have a Master’s degree in environmental studies from Bard College. I currently teach ENVR-107 during the evening. During the day I work for the Monmouth County Park System as a park naturalist. As you might imagine, I love the outdoors and wildlife. I am President of Save Coastal Wildlife, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the preservation and protection of wildlife along the Jersey Shore. During my free time, I am an amateur wildlife photographer, plus I love to go hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.

Carrie ZanyorCarrie Zanyor

Carrie Zanyor is an adjunct instructor of Environmental Science, She received her BS in Environmental Science, with a concentration in Science Education, from Rutgers University. She received her MA in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Environmental Education, from Montclair State University. She has volunteered with Earthwatch and has participated in several scientific expeditions in Latin America.

Carrie loves to travel and feels that her travel experiences give her a greater perspective and understanding of the planet, which she shares with her students. She is also an avid and hiker. Her picture was taken at Grand Teton National Park.