For admission requirements specific to the Respiratory Care program:

Respiratory Care Admission Packet.

For Allied Health requirements, read below:


The objective of the admissions process is to admit qualified applicants to the Allied Health Programs. A rolling admissions process is used for this program; that is, completed applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, and qualified applicants who have completed the entire admission process will be admitted until each class reaches capacity. When there are more applicants than seats for each class, a waiting list is kept in the Health Sciences office. It is the responsibility of each applicant to verify his/her status on the waiting list with the Health Sciences Administrator.

To be eligible for admission to the Respiratory Care or Radiologic Technology Program, a person must:

Two (2) copies of high school/college transcripts are required. An official copy is to be sent directly to the Admissions Office. The other copy should be brought with the student for the meeting with the student development specialist (counselor). All communication with the Admissions Office should be addressed to:

Beth Stryker
Office of Admissions
Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738

High school students who are in the Monmouth County Tech Prep Program may submit an application during their junior or senior year if biology has been successfully completed, the student is currently enrolled in chemistry, and the TEAS has been scheduled. The Accuplacer is taken during the second term of the senior year. The TEAS, Accuplacer and completion of developmental courses, however, must be completed before admission to the Radiologic Technology Program. Each semester, five seats are held annually for Tech Prep students who have met the requirements listed above and who have graduated from high school within the past three years. Students who refuse an offer of admission will be placed at the end of the waiting list. High school graduates may, however, advance through the rolling admissions process at any time.


The Respiratory Care Board “may refuse to admit a person to an examination or may refuse to issue or may suspend or revoke any certificate, registration or license issued by the Board upon proof that the applicant or holder of such certificate, registration or license has been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude or any crime relating adversely to the activity regulated by the Board.”

“For the purpose of this subsection a plea of guilty, non vult, nolo contendere or any other such disposition of alleged criminal activity shall be deemed a conviction.”

Uniform Enforcement Act 45:1:21


Any applicant seeking licensure from the Board of Radiologic Technology shall be aware of the following provisions:

The Board shall admit to examination for licensing any applicant who shall pay to the department a nonrefundable fee established by rule of the commission and submit satisfactory evidence, verified by oath or affirmation, that the applicant:

Admission Process

1. Complete a College application.

2. Complete a Respiratory Care or Radiologic Technology Preadmission Placement Request. Return the Respiratory Care or Radiologic Technology Preadmission Placement Request to the Admissions Office.

3. Take the Accuplacer.

When you file a College application, you will automatically be scheduled for the Accuplacer. This test is used to determine readiness for college-level courses. It includes English, mathematics, reading, and algebra. Students who do not pass a section(s) of the test must take the appropriate developmental course(s), which are: Reading; Analysis and Study Skills; Fundamentals of Writing; Basic Mathematics, and Elementary Algebra.

If a Student has completed 25 college course credits including college-level math and English composition with a grade of “C” or better from another college, this test may be waived. In order to obtain a waiver, contact the Admissions Office. For high school students the Accuplacer may be taken in the senior year.

4. Meet with your student development specialist (counselor).

At the Accuplacer testing session, you will be given the name of your student development specialist at Brookdale. Within one week of the test you must contact your student development specialist to arrange a meeting to discuss your academic plans. High school students should schedule a meeting with their Brookdale counselor before November of their senior year.

5. Complete biology and chemistry admission requirements.

When all prerequisites are complete and grades posted to your transcript, please contact Beth Stryker, 732.224.2330, to be scheduled for the TEAS.

All of the above steps must be completed before the TEAS can be taken.

6. Take the TEAS.

Students not achieving the minimal cut-off score (50 percent composite score) on the TEAS will be notified by letter, and should contact their student development specialist as soon as possible. Students may retest at any time; however, it is recommended that any courses which could improve test results be completed prior to re-testing. High school students may take the Accuplacer after the TEAS has been scheduled.

7. Complete a Respiratory Care or a Radiologic Technology Program application.

Submit this application as soon as you have completed the admission requirements. The date that this application is received in the Admissions Office determines your placement on the waiting list. High school students may submit this application during their junior year if they are enrolled in chemistry and if the TEAS has been scheduled.

8. Attend an Information Session.

Once you have successfully completed the above steps you will be scheduled for an Information Session. Attendance at the Information Session is a mandatory step in the admission process. The purposes of the session are to provide the students with more specific information about the program and to provide an opportunity for students to raise questions and share concerns. During the Information Session, students will complete a questionnaire which will be used by the assigned student development specialist for guidance and program planning. High school students may attend the Information Session during their senior year.

9. Be placed on the waiting list.

After you have attended the Information Session your name will be placed on the waiting list. Placement on the waiting list will, in accord with the rolling admissions process, be assigned by the date that the Program Application is received in the Admissions Office.

10. Receive an acceptance letter.

Students will be notified by certified mail of acceptance to the Respiratory Care or the Radiologic Technology Program 4–8 weeks prior to the beginning of the class to which they have been accepted. At that time the student will receive an Intent to Enroll form. If a student does not return the Intent to Enroll form, he/she will be dropped from the list and must reapply for admission. The Intent to Enroll form must be returned to the Health Sciences Office within 7 days of receipt of this form. After the Intent to Enroll form has been completed and returned to the Health Sciences Office the student will receive:

No student’s admission is processed until the Intent to Enroll Form with the starting date identified has been received in the Health Sciences office.

11. Present to the Health Sciences office—

Students may defer admission to the Respiratory Care Program or the Radiologic Technology Program twice without losing their place on the waiting list. If a student requests a third deferment, the student’s name will be placed at the end of the waiting list.

Transfer of General Education Courses

There is no time limit on the transferability of general education courses with the exception of Anatomy and Physiology, which must have been taken within the last eight (8) years. Respiratory therapy or radiologic technology courses can be transferred only if they have been taken in the last two (2) years, and clinical skills must be validated in the College Lab. All respiratory therapy or radiologic technology courses must be completed in three (3) consecutive years.

Transfer of Anatomy and Physiology courses must meet the following criteria:

  1. Transfer courses must come from a fully accredited institution.
  2. A lab component must have been included in the course.
  3. The course description is congruent with the requirements of the relevant Brookdale course.
  4. A grade of “C” or better was earned.
  5. The course(s) was completed within the last eight (8) years.