Transfer into Nursing

Students who wish to transfer into the nursing program from other colleges must meet the criteria for admission into the nursing program.

  1. Students, who complete a required Science, English, Psychology, or Health Science course at another college, are responsible for ensuring Brookdale receives transcript evidence and that Brookdale enters the corresponding course onto the transcript. Students must send the official transcripts from other colleges to the Registrar for evaluation. Only courses with earned grades of C or higher are eligible for transfer. There is no time limit on the transferability of general education courses.
  2. Nursing faculty will evaluate any “Nursing” courses completed at another college on an individual basis for currency, credit hours, course content, clinical hours, and grades. Transfer students will need to have their lab skills evaluated. See the Admission Packet for more information.

Specific information about transferring courses to Brookdale Community College is available from Recruitment Services