The Department regularly invites working biologists to share their experiences and research findings with Brookdale students.

Upcoming events:

April 27, 2023
Biological Pest Control
Cyndi Detweiler-Hill, Entomologist
Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Research Lab
NJ Department of Agriculture
Available via Zoom – Details to follow

Past events:

February 23, 2023
The Role of Small RNA in Staphylococcus aureus Physiology
Gustavo Rios, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University

December 8, 2022
Facts About Bats of NJ
Erin M McHale, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University

Thursday, February 24, 2022
Little Feet In A Big World:
The Story of African Penguins
Jennifer Lengares Meyer
Jenkinson’s Aquarium, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

December 9, 2021
Sustainability of NJ Fisheries and Aquaculture

December 2, 2021
Medical Mysteries
George Taylor MD FACR Radiologist-in-Chief Emeritus, Children’s Hospital
John A Fitzpatrick Professor of Radiology (Pediatrics) Harvard Medical School

April 22, 2021
Reconciling Grassland Bird Conservation and Agriculture: Seeking Drivers From Fields and Biomes.
Michael Allen, Ph.D. Quantitative Ecologist & Conservation Biologist
Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources Department, Rutgers University

March 25, 2021
Diet and the Gut Microbiome from Infants to Adults
Elliot Friedman, Ph.D. PENN Medicine

February 25, 2021
Forest Habitat Restoration for Imperiled Species in NJ
Sharon Petzinger, Senior Zoologist
NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife: Endangered & Nongame Species Program

December 3, 2020
Three Months in the Arctic: A Scientist’s Experience on the MOSAiC Expedition
John Cassano, Ph.D. University of Colorado

February 27, 2020
Beneficial Insects
Kimberly Russell, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers University

November 23, 2019
Life That Glows: Ultraviolet fluorescence-luminescence in organisms
Jennifer Bulava, Lead Park Naturalist, Burlington County, Department of Resource Conservation

November 21, 2019
Phytoplankton Ecology and Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB)
Jason Adolf, PhD, Associate Professor of Marine Science
Monmouth University

October 24, 2019
Restoring Oyster Reefs in Barnegat Bay
Christine Thompson, Asst. Professor of Marine Science
School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Stockton University

April 4, 2019
Identification, Recovery and Impact of Ghost Fishing Gear in New Jersey Coastal Bays
Mark Sullivan, PhD, Associate Professor Marine Science, Stockton University

March 7, 2019
Protecting Critical Dune and Beach Habitat Along New Jersey’s Coast
Ryan Rebozo, PhD
Director of Conservation Science, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

November 15, 2018
Restoring New Jersey Urban Water Resources: An Emerging Pollutant (Microplastics)
Beth Ravit PhD
Co-Director, Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability,
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, Rutgers University

October 18, 2018
Diet, the Gut Microbiome, and its Metabolome in Health and Disease
Elliot Friedman PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, Division of Gastroenterology
Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

April 5, 2018
Bad Mothers, Bad Eggs:  Reproductive Failure in New Jersey’s Threatened Turtles is Linked to Maternal Identity
Thomas J Duchak, Hofstra University & Brookdale Community College

March 1, 2018
Ospreys: Your Wild Neighbor at the Shore – Monitoring and Managing NJ’s Unofficial Bird of Summer
Ben Wurst, Conserve Wildlife NJ