Employment, Salaries, and Trends

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that one of the top ten best paying jobs for individuals with Associate Degrees is Engineering Technician, with positive job growth expected through the 2014 forecast period.

SalaryExpert.com reports that salaries for Electronics Engineers in New Jersey generally surpass those for Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Computer LAN/WAN Administrators, and many other fields.

Job growth is fueling incomes for electrical and electronics engineers that are now surpassing the six-figure threshold. Engineers involved in design and development are seeing the greatest increase in their salaries, with the Mid-Atlantic region (including New Jersey) being one of the best, now averaging $100,193 a year.

Electronics are here to stay. Demand for the endless array of electronic products, devices, and services that power our daily lives is accelerating rapidly, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Major advances taking place in solar, wind, hydrogen, fuel cell, and other “green energy” technologies are also generating an increasing demand for individuals with electronics engineering and technology skills. Universities such as SUNY Canton in Canton, New York, have recently developed Bachelor’s Degree programs in Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems, and accept Electronics Technology student transfers from community colleges into their program.

Our program has successfully prepared students and graduates for placement in such companies as:

A significant percentage of our adult students come to Brookdale to keep their job skills current or complete a degree to earn a higher salary or promotion, and come to us from such companies as:

Unlike many other A.A.S. degree programs, an A.A.S. degree in Electronics from Brookdale Community College is transferable to certain four year institutions. Students pursuing higher education have been successful in earning their Bachelor’s degrees through the following institutions as transfer students: