English as a Second Language (ESL)

The academic ESL program at Brookdale Community College is housed in our Language Department, in Larrison Hall 232. We provide students with an inviting and culturally diverse atmosphere where both the teachers and tutors are experts in second language acquisition. Our program serves English as a second language speakers who want to improve their spoken and written English for academic, career-oriented, or personal development purposes.

We offer academic ESL courses that prepare students for college-wide courses. Required classes focus on the development of grammar and writing. Supplementary courses are also available in conversation.

A placement test and oral interview will determine if your level of English qualifies you for the program and, if so, at which level you will begin. If your level of English does not qualify you, you will be informed of other opportunities at Brookdale.

All ESL courses are taught at the main campus in Lincroft. Students may choose to attend part-time or full-time. Day and evening classes are available.

Please click on the related links to the right to learn more about the placement test, our courses, resources, and general questions. Email ESL@Brookdalecc.edu or all 732-224-2656 for more information.