THTR105 – Theater Appreciation

This course is an introduction to the elements of theater, the current Broadway scene, theatrical reviewing, the form and content of drama and theater history. In addition to lecture and films, the students will be required to see a Broadway or off-Broadway show. This is not a performance course.

THTR111 – Acting I
Acting I is an introductory course. Students learn to act by participating in a variety of theater games, exercises and improvisations culminating with a basic scene presentation. The student will perform in solo and group improvisations. The student will learn how the actor’s words and body communicate a full range of ideas and emotions. The student will demonstrate the ability to explore all the concepts covered in the class and apply those concepts by memorizing, rehearsing and performing in a comedic or dramatic scene three to five minutes in length.

THTR112 – Acting II
This class is the next step in the acting sequence. The focus of the class is intensive character development and scene study. The students will start to explore in depth the concepts of character development, intentions, actions/objective, super objective, text, subtext, operative words, physicalization, personalization, articulation, diction, and projection. These theories are applied through the presentation of two scenes. (Prerequisite: THTR-111 or permission of instructor)

THTR121 – Basic Directing
In this course, the student will learn the fundamentals of directing a play. The student will learn how to analyze a script, develop a production concept, and conduct rehearsals. The student will learn about all the elements that a director must consider in order to understand and completely communicate the super objective of the play: script analysis, casting, conducting rehearsals, the schedule, time management, communication with actors, resolving problems, picturization, conceptualizing, and communicating concepts with the design and technical staff. All directors are required to observe rehearsals during and outside of class time and to see both Brookdale productions. All directors are required to observe and participate in Basic Acting class. (Prerequisite: THTR-111 is highly recommended)

THTR135 – Musical Theater
The history of the American Musical Theater will be studied in depth, beginning with the imported Operetta and English Music Hall tradition and ending with current trends in the theater. Students will be presented with a thorough discussion of Vaudeville, Minstrel Shows, Musical Comedy and Musical Theater with an emphasis on the most important shows, performers, composer/lyricists, directors, choreographers and other theater professionals. There will also be a discussion of the impact of major social events upon the creative community, including the two World Wars, the Great Depression (including the WPA) and the social upheaval of the 1960s.

THTR145 – Technical Theater I
The student will be introduced to theater terminology, stage carpentry techniques, scene painting, stage lighting, and rigging for the stage, including proper operation of the arbor weight system and common knots used in theatrical rigging. The student will apply the concepts learned in class in a Theater Department show.

THTR146 – Technical Theater II
This course deals with advanced technical theory and practical application. The course will cover electricity from electrical theory at the atomic level up to its practical application in the theater. Stage lighting basics, lighting history, lighting instruments, lighting control, and maintenance and operation of lighting systems will be taught. Principles of theatrical sound and techniques for patching and operating the sound systems will be covered. (Prerequisite: THTR-145 or permission of instructor)

THTR213 – Acting III
This course is designed to introduce the student to acting in the classical style. This course will focus on applying the basic and advanced principles of character development and scene study for rehearsal and presentation of a classical monologue and scene. This course will concentrate on learning body, voice, and speech awareness and control, along with character and script analysis. The student will learn to channel his/her spontaneity into a style with requirements that are more stringent than those in realistic plays. (Prerequisite: THTR 112 or permission of the instructor)

THTR222 – Acting IV: Auditioning
The focus of this course is the intensive study in Classical and Modern monologues styles, and cold readings. The course prepares the student for the business facet of acting, focusing on resumes, auditions, four year college programs B.A., B.F.A., Conservatory, casting agents/directors and the process of getting work. This class is for the actor who wants to gain an understanding of the specific knowledge necessary for establishing and applying their training. (Prerequisite: THTR-213 or permission of the instructor)

THTR295 – Special Project – Theater
The student, with the instructor, will design a special theatrical project in acting, directing or technical work. The student will demonstrate skills relative to the specific project.

THTR299 – Theater Internship
Students will apply theatrical skills in a practical, hands-on environment. They will work with an experienced practitioner who will guide and supervise their progress. Internships may be in the technical crafts, in an acting program or in the management areas. Internships may be arranged by a faculty director or developed by the student with approval of a theater faculty member and Career Services Representative.