Picture of The Massacre of Peterloo with information about the meeting time of the new class.

New Philosophy Class Starting Fall 2021

Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 228-001RL
Thursdays 1:30-4:15 pm
Lincroft Campus (In-Person)

This course will introduce students to the philosophical foundations of liberty, justice, law, and democracy. Students will be challenged to examine a variety of historically important ideas and theories concerning the nature and significance of the individual, the community, the state, liberty, rights, equality, and social & economic justice.

The goal of this course is to invite students to critically explore a range of historically significant social-political philosophical questions: What is liberty? What are rights? What is justice? What is law? Are there limits to the sovereignty of the state over the liberty of the individual? What is the relationship between the individual and the community? Is there a connection between morality, law, and democracy? Fundamentally, this course strives to challenge students to think critically about a variety of theoretical concepts and ideas that underpin the Western democratic tradition.

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Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy, for the love of wisdom.

Philosophy, to help develop strong cognitive skills and important intellectual values.

Philosophy, useful for many majors and careers.