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Trigonometry Applications Reference


Triangle Drag & DropTriangle Drag & Drop

Trigonometric RatiosTrigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric Ratios for Complementary AnglesTrigonometric Ratios for Complementary Angles

Trigonometric Ratios InteractiveTrigonometric Ratios Interactive

Trigonometric Reciprocal IdentitiesTrigonometric Reciprocal Identities

Trigonometric Quotient IdentitiesTrigonometric Quotient Identities

Interactive Practice- Calculate Tree HeightInteractive Practice- Calculate Tree Height

Interactive Practice- Calculate Theta

Introduction to Vector Calculus

Vector vs ScalarVector vs Scalar

Coordinate SystemsCoordinate Systems

Adding VectorsAdding Vectors

A Position VectorA Position Vector

Unit VectorUnit Vector

Finding the ResultantFinding the Resultant

Add by ComponentsAdd by Components

What is a Component?What is a Component?

How to Find ComponentsHow to Find Components

Apply Trigonometry to Find ComponentsApply Trigonometry to Find Components

Theta Relative to X AxisTheta Relative to X Axis

Add Vectors by ComponentsAdd Vectors by Components

Use Components to Find Magnitude & Direction of Resultant VectorUse Components to Find Magnitude & Direction of Resultant Vector

Which quadrant is theta in?Which Quadrant is Theta in?

Cardinal DirectionsCardinal Directions

Combination DirectionsCombination Directions

Single DisplacementSingle Displacement

Projectile Motion

Understanding MotionUnderstanding Motion

Observing MotionObserving Motion

How Can the Only Force Acting Upon it be GravityHow Can the Only Force Acting Upon it be Gravity?

Problem Solving Strategy- InferenceProblem Solving Strategy- Inference

Interactive Reinforcement- Football and GoalpostInteractive Reinforcement- Football and Goalpost

Interactive Reinforcement: Puma Leap