This certificate program presents an interdisciplinary examination of policies, society, and culture through a theoretical lens focusing on issues of culture, justice, and democracy. Students in this program will be introduced to the foundational theories of justice by critically examining how conecpts of justice have developed to influence society, politics, the law, and the criminal justice system.

Students who are already enrolled in a social science degree program will find their education enhanced if they pursue this certificate as they are introduced to the foundations of the American judicial process, including criminal justice and issues of law-enforcement, sociological considerations of a diverse society, contemporary political issues, and the philosophical traditions which frame it all. This Certificate of Achievement would supplement coursework relevant to the fields of Criminal Justice, Legal and Paralegal, Political Science, and Sociology.

Those who are already in the criminal justice field and seeking advancement, as well as those who are anticipating a career in criminal justice, will find that employers are looking for candidates who have obtained education and training on diversity and inclusion and who demonstrate an understanding of the connection between legal justice and social justice. This 21-credit certificate, which has been endorsed by the Monmouth County Chiefs of Police, would benefit those currently in the criminal justice field and those who are considering entering the field.

Total credits required for the Certificate – 21

Code Course Credits
CRJU 101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3
CRJU 125 Police Role in Community 3
PLGL 105 Introduction to Law 3
PLGL 126 Constitutional Law 3 or
CRJU 229 Criminal Due Process 3
PHIL 228 Social & Political Philosophy
POLI 109 Current Global Topics
SOCI 216 Majority & Minority Relations in America 3

Total – 21 credits