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Why take a Literature course? Literature courses at Brookdale are designed not only to broaden your intellectual life but also to enrich your personal life.

Literature courses open and challenge your mind, expand your life experience, help you understand people better, and deepen your own sense of being in the world. Our instructors teach literature in a lively atmosphere of exploration and discovery, making your college experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Literature courses enrich all programs of study and can fit with just about any schedule. Our courses come in a range of 100- and 200 level classes that meet General Education requirements or can be used for electives or transfer credits.

Depending on your interests, there are many literature courses to choose from, including Short Story, Poetry, American, British, World, and even Children’s Literature.

• ENGL150 – African-American Literature
• ENGL155 – The Short Story
• ENGL158 – Introduction to Literature
• ENGL175 – Women’s Perspectives in Literature
• ENGL206 – Approaches to Literary Studies
• ENGL231 – British Literature I: Beginnings to 18th Century
• ENGL232 – British Literature II: Romantic Era to The Modern Age
• ENGL235 – World Literature I
• ENGL236 – World Literature II
• ENGL245 – American Literature I
• ENGL246 – American Literature II
• ENGL247 – The Literature of Bob Dylan
• ENGL265 – Children’s Literature
• ENGL266 – Young Adult Literature: Books and the Adolescent
• ENGL275 – Shakespeare’s Plays