Sociology is a systematic study of social behavior and human groups whereby the linkage between individual decision-making and social influences are explored. More specifically, sociologists explore the extent to which society (like media, family, education, politics, and economy) influences social behavior and vice-versa. As part of this scientific investigation of social behavior, sociologists employ qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Qualitative research methods include but are not limited to, ethnography, content analysis of media as well as conducting interviews. Quantitative research methodology involves the application of statistical measures to illuminate the connection between individuals and society.


Dr. Joseph Boyle, Department Chair
Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
B.A. Rutgers University; M.A. Rowan University; M.S. Virginia Tech; Ph.D. Virginia Tech
(732) 224 2540 |

Caroline Calogero
Associate Professor of Sociology
B.S. Cornell University; M.A. Rutgers University
(732) 224 2896 |

Howard Finkelstein
Professor of Sociology
B.A. Rutgers College; M.ed, Rutgers Graduate School of Education
(732) 224 2504 |

Dr. Diditi Mitra
Associate Professor of Sociology
B.A. (Criminology) John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY); M.A. (Sociology) Rutgers University; Ph.D. (Sociology) Temple University
(732) 224 2537 |
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