How do I decide which Math course is right for me?

Click on a course number below to view its syllabus.

Course Category Course Number Course Title
Foundational Studies 011 Prealgebra, Part I
012 Prealgebra, Part II
015 Prealgebra
021 Introductory Algebra
025 Elementary Algebra
Liberal Arts 131 Statistics
136 Math for the Liberal Arts
145 Algebraic Modeling
Precalculus 151 Intermediate Algebra
152 College Algebra and Trigonometry
153 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Calculus 171 Calculus I
172 Calculus II
273 Calculus III
274 Elementary Differential Equations
Business & Special Applications 156 Mathematics for Management and the Social Sciences
176 Calculus with Business Applications
226 Discrete Mathematics
285 Linear Algebra