WEST – Women in Engineering Science & Technology

The purpose of W.E.S.T. is to support and encourage women enrolled in math, engineering, and science and technology courses.  A chapter of W.E.S.T. was formed at Brookdale in 1994 and became a formally recognized student organization in January 2007.

W.E.S.T. students enjoy peer study groups and mentoring relationships with faculty in related disciplines, and are provided useful information on careers, scholarships, and grants.

Our meetings allow students to meet with faculty in science and technology within Brookdale and connect with guest speakers who hold interesting careers in the science and technology fields.  We seek speakers who appeal to the current interests of our students.  Past speakers have included several engineers, a geologist, a veterinarian, and an architect.

In addition to speaking events, W.E.S.T. students have also visited other colleges and universities, and participated in charity events and community service.

Membership in W.E.S.T. is free. If you are interested in joining W.E.S.T., please fill out the form below.

Club Officers:

President: Madison Hoskins
Vice President: Marie Canencia
Secretary: Rachel Murray
Treasurer: Jenna Botti

Faculty Advisors:

Karina Ochs kochs@brookdalecc.edu (732-224-2069)
Arianne Ross arianneross@brookdalecc.edu (732-224-2835)


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