photo of a young woman looking at see through data whilst seated in a dark office

Data Scientist jobs are ranked as one of the top jobs in the US with highly competitive salaries.

Modern organizations seek professionals that can facilitate data driven decision making.  Data Scientists play a key role in acquiring, maintaining, analyzing, and communicating data to support data-informed decisions.  The A.S. in Data Science will ensure that students have a strong foundation in math, programming, statistics, lab skills, and business. This program will help students successfully transition to a four-year degree in Data Science.

For more information regarding this option, please contact Professors Dr. Susan Monroe ( or Hanli Huang (

The proposed sequence for this program is as follows:

Fall Term – 1st Semester 

                                    Total credits for semester 14


Spring Term – 2nd Semester

 Biology 101 or Chemistry 101 Credits: 4-5

                                     Total credits for semester 15-16                           


Fall Term – 3rd Semester 

                                     Total credits for semester 14-15


Spring Term – 4th Semester

                                    Total credits for semester 15-16