History Degrees

Brookdale offers the following degrees and certificates in History; click on any degree to read more in our online catalog.

History Option, Social Sciences A.A.

This option prepares students for transfer to a four-year college history program while it expands awareness of other cultures, helps connect the past to contemporary concerns, and encourages intellectual curiosity. Careers typically pursued by history majors includes business, law, government service, diplomacy, publishing, journalism, social work, library and museum work, as well as teaching.

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Social Sciences, A.A.

The Social Sciences A.A. degree program is designed for students seeking a broad general education or transfer to a four-year institution. This program also provides personal enrichment in the social sciences. Students planning to major in the following areas should enroll in this program and choose from the following concentrations: anthropology, economics, history, interdisciplinary studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology or human geography. The Social Sciences A.A. degree program will prepare students for transfer to degree programs leading to careers in the mental health professions, law, teaching, consulting, or the ministry.

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