3.0002 Non-Represented Employees

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I. Title of Policy

Non-Represented Employees

II. Objective of Policy

To create a policy that ensures that non-represented employees are accorded the same level of benefits as similarly classified represented employees whenever possible.

III. Authority

New Jersey Statutes – County Colleges, 18A:64A-12(f) and (g), General Powers of Boards

IV. Policy Statement

All similarly classified non-represented employees shall receive the same benefits as those provided represented employees whenever possible.

This policy does not apply to employees classified as Vice-Presidents or Deans. The President shall make recommendations to the Board on proposed compensation and benefit levels for individuals so designated.

Certain provisions of the negotiated agreements do not apply to non-represented employees. Specifically, provisions regarding union membership or access to union representatives are not applicable to non-represented employees.  And, while non-represented employees may initiate grievances, they are not entitled to union representation nor are such disputes subject to arbitration.

The College administration shall use applicable sections of the collective bargaining unit agreements as an employee handbook for non-represented employees.  The handbook shall also include an appropriate grievance procedure.

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Approved: 6/27/96