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I. Title of Policy

General Education

II. Objective of Policy

The goal of general education at Brookdale Community College is to assist students to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs or professions. College Regulation 5.0030R General Education explicates specific General Education requirements.

III. Authority

New Jersey Administrative Code 9A: 1-1.2, 9A:1-2.3—Associate degree programs and Chapter 62 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes.

IV. Policy Statement

As defined by the New Jersey Administrative Code, general education is “instruction that presents forms of expression, fields of knowledge, and methods of inquiry fundamental to intellectual growth and to a mature understanding of the world and the human condition, as distinguished from ‘specialized education,’ which prepares individuals for particular occupations or specific professional responsibilities” (9A:1-1.2).

General Education consists of courses beyond the area of specialization which help students grow as individuals and participate more actively in society.  The general education courses are broad-based and general rather than narrowly focused.  It is that part of students’ programs which does not involve the major concentration and/or career studies.

In keeping with our educational philosophy and mission, the goal of general education at Brookdale Community College shall be to have students develop into inquisitive and informed individuals by preparing them for lifelong learning and helping them to develop the ability to function successfully in our ever-changing society.

To this end and in keeping with the regulations of the State of New Jersey and the State Wide Transfer Agreement commonly known as the Lampitt Law, the President shall promulgate, as appropriate, College regulations to ensure that graduating students have ample opportunity to successfully complete their general education core, as determined by their program of study.

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Approved:  August 1984
Revised: May 2000
Revised: Feb 2016
Lodged:  Feb 2016
Approved: March 2016