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I. Title of Policy

4.1004 Grants and Loans for Student Aid

II. Objective of Policy

To ensure compliance with legal requirements and to further student educational needs in a responsible, efficient manner.

III. Authority

Federal, state and local law and related regulations.

IV. Policy Statement

The College administration shall pursue and administer grants and loans for eligible students in compliance with applicable federal, state and local legal requirements and guidelines. Private grants will be processed through the Brookdale Community College Foundation and, to the extent feasible, in compliance with the terms and conditions set by the grantor.

Student awards shall be applied to their accounts in a timely manner. Procedures for determining and reviewing student eligibility and accountability shall be established by College Regulations and in accordance with applicable laws.

Student awards and loans shall be audited annually by the College auditor, with copies of such audits provided to the Board of Trustees Audit Committee and presented to the Board of Trustees for acceptance.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President, Finance and Operations and/or Vice President, Advancement


Approved: 4/26/73
Revised: 10/24/96
Revision Lodged: Board of Trustees, 11/14/2017
Revised: Board of Trustees, 12/19/2017
Approved: Board of Trustees, 425/2023


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