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I. Title of Regulation

Student Indebtedness

II. Objective of Regulation

To avoid loss of monies or materials due the College.

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Policy No. 6.2000

IV. Regulation Statement

The College will take the following actions:

A. Tuition will be paid and Financial Aid promissory notes will be executed at or before the time of registration, or prior to the final date for payment of tuition and fees for those students who take advantage of early registration. This final date must precede the first day of instruction by at least ten days. In the event that students fail to pay their tuition or execute promissory notes as indicated above, they will be notified to contact the Business Office to fulfill these obligations and will be given five (5) days to do so. If this is not accomplished, their names will be eliminated from the rosters of classes in which they are enrolled and respective faculty so notified.

B. Students who have not accounted for or returned College property or material, or are in violation of any College policy or regulation, will not be permitted to register in the next immediate College term, or any succeeding term; no final grades and/or transcripts will be sent to other colleges, employers, etc., until satisfactory arrangements have been made between the College and the student.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Executive Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President 11/15/74
Effective: 11/15/74
Revised: 9/1/75
Revised September 2010