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I.  Title of Policy

2.3000 Services to Public and Non-Profit Organization

II.  Objective of Policy

To establish a Board Policy for Services to Public and Non-Profit Organizations.

III.  Authority

New Jersey Statute 18A:64A-12; and New Jersey Administrative Code 9:4-1.3 – Organization and Administration

IV.  Policy Statement

Brookdale Community College will attempt, within its organizational and financial capabilities, and consistent with its mission, to provide services requested by public and non-profit agencies. It is not the intention of the Board of Trustees that the College compete with commercial services.

The President is authorized to develop appropriate regulations and processes to make services, educational and otherwise, available to public agencies within the following guidelines.

A. The agency shall be a publicly supported organization or a non-profit agency organized for service or educational purposes.

B. Organizations located within the County of Monmouth shall receive priority.

C. The performance of services shall be at no cost to the College. Charges for such services shall include all direct and indirect costs to the College.

D.The performance of such services shall not interfere with the pursuit of the College’s educational mission and operations.

E. The President is authorized to waive or modify fees in such cases where it is determined that such relief serves the best interests of the institution and the Monmouth County community.

F. Notwithstanding other provisions of this policy, the College reserves the right to offer and provide services to businesses on a contractual basis.

V.  Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: 5/22/1975
Revised: 5/25/1995
Effective: 6/29/1995
Revision Lodged: Board of Trustees, 11/14/2017
Approved: Board of Trustees, 12/19/2017

PDF Policy 2.3000 Services to Public and Nonprofit Organizations