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I. Title of Regulation

3.0005R Medical Examinations for Potential College Employees, and for Current Employees as Determined to Be Needed

II. Objective of Regulation

To ensure that potential new hires for certain positions are required to obtain a medical examination after an offer of employment has been made but prior to employment. The purpose of the examination is to make a medical assessment as to whether or not the individual is able to perform the essential elements of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.

III. Authority

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1991, as amended.
Bylaws of the Board of Trustees
New Jersey Statutes Annotated 18A:16-2

IV. Regulation Statement

  1. Pre-Employment Medical Examination
    After an offer of employment has been made, but prior to employment, a medical examination will be required of all employees in specific job categories. Medical examinations will be performed by a physician of the College’s choice, or a physician of the potential employee’s choice. In the latter case, the potential employee will be reimbursed up to the cost the College would have incurred for a medical examination by a physician of the College’s choice. All examinations will be recorded on a form provided by the College, and the specific tests required will be at the discretion of the College.Some positions, by the nature of the intended work, will require tests that may not be requested for other positions. A complete list of positions and required tests is maintained by the Human Resources Department.
  2. Job Related, Business Necessity Examination or Second Opinion Medical Examinations
    If the College determines the need for a medical examination or second opinion, the employee will be so notified and scheduled. The medical examination will be performed by a physician of the College’s choice. The cost for the examination will be paid by the College.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Officers of the College

Approved: President 1/31/1970
Revised: 9/1/1975
Approved: President, 5/13/2020