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I. Title of Regulation

Public Events Board

II. Objective of Regulation

A Public Events Board will be established in the Office of Community Services, Cultural Programs. The purpose of this Board will be to develop and finance a comprehensive College-wide program of public events which meets the needs and interests of both College students and members of the community.

Therefore, this joint Board will be composed of representatives of the Student Government, faculty and community. Major emphasis will be placed on creating a forum on the arts and other communication techniques. However, non-profit community groups will be encouraged to use campus facilities when available, and present programs which are not part of the public Events Board, but only those that will bring credit and honor to the College and/or reflect a larger or growing community need.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034(h)

IV. Regulation Statement

Students and faculty will be represented along with community members on the Public Events Board. The Dean of the Office of Community Services will serve as an ex-officio member. The Program Administrator of Cultural Programs will be a permanent member and serve as Chairman. The Director of Student Life and Development will serve as a Vice Chairman. The Dean of the Office of Community Services will appoint a member of the Community Services staff to be a permanent member. This person will be the secretary to the Board. Two students will be appointed by the Student Government to serve a two-year term, each to be replaced on alternate years. Should a student member withdraw from College, the Student government may appoint a replacement to complete the two-year term. Two faculty members will be appointed by the Faculty Association to serve a two-year term, each to be replaced on alternate years. Should a faculty member cease to be a College employee, the Faculty Association may appoint a replacement to complete the two-year term. Four community members will be recommended by the Dean of Community Services to the President for Approval for a two-year term, to be replaced on alternate years.


A. Regular meetings or special meeting of the Public Events Board will be called by the Chairman or his representative; and

B. A quorum must be present to conduct a meeting.


A. Standing committees, composed of Public Events Board members will include Film, Theatre, Exhibit, Music and Lecture;

B. Membership: Standing committees will be composed of an equal number of students and faculty members chaired by a faculty member. Committees will be appointed by the Chairman of the Public Events Board with the approval of the entire Board; and

C. Special Committees: Special committees may be set up by the Board for special responsibilities as deemed necessary. Committee members will be appointed by the Chairman of the Public Events Board. These members may include students and faculty members who are not members of the Public Events Board.


A. The Public Events Board will coordinate and promote programs planned to fulfill the needs and desires of the College and the community;

B. The Program Administrator of Cultural Programs, with the approval of the Public Events board, determines the type and variety of Public Events programs;

C. The Office of Community Services will, with the advice of the Public Events Board, handle all negotiations for talent and other items necessary for the assurance of a successful program; and

D. The Program Administrator of Cultural Programs will refer back for approval to the Public Events Board all major changes in programs and activities of the Public Events Program.


A. The Program Administrator will prepare an annual budget which will be approved by the Public Events Board;

B. Financial support will be drawn on a pre-determined percentage basis from the Student Activities fees, and from public subscriptions, and from Community Services;

C. The price structure (ticket cost) will vary and will be developed and based on all the negotiable items;

D. All Public Events programs will be planned with the objectives that they be selfsupporting.

E. Subsidy will be sought from the general College fund, if necessary; and

F. Special consideration will be given to students and College employees regarding admission fees to Public Events Programs.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President’s Cabinet 8/25/70
Effective: 8/25/70
Revised: 9/1/75