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I. Title of Regulation

2.8000R Promotion, Advertising and Sponsorships

II. Objective of Regulation

To authorize the President to establish rules, procedures and guidelines for the promotion, advertising and sponsorship agreements associated with Brookdale Community College.

III. Authority


IV. Regulation Statement

In accordance with the Board Policy on Promotion, Advertising and Sponsorship, the following is to define the scope of permissible activities and establish appropriate guidelines for same.

A. No advertising, promotion of, or links to alcoholic, tobacco, gambling, or drug based products that have addictive characteristics. (NOTE: Promotion of educational experiences or underwriting from companies in support of Brookdale Public Radio that involve any of these products may occur, with the express written authorization of the President. Written consent must be obtained prior to the development of an educational class or program.)

B. No advertising, promotion of, or links to services that would in any way lead to a violation of conditions of the College Student Code of Conduct (e.g., term paper services, etc.) or these guidelines.

C. No advertising, promotion of, or links to activities promoting violence, bias, or social or value degradation. No profanity, obscenity, lewdness, or any suggestion of these elements in any form.

D. No advertising, promotion of, or links to commercial services intended to compete with Brookdale-provided services unless they are considered extended opportunities.

E. No sponsorship, promotion of, or advertising for other higher education institutions and/or services considered to be in direct competition with Brookdale, except in cases where it is deemed to be complementary to Brookdale’s mission and goals.

F. No political or religious advertisement of any kind.

G. In no case shall any promotion or advertisement suggest endorsement by or association with Brookdale Community College without prior agreement by the College.

H. Advertisers will collect no personally identifiable information without express prior permission from the user.

I. No advertisements that promote fraud in any form, such as vacations, investments, and “pyramid” business schemes; or advertisements that encourage fraudulent or inappropriate business or personal behavior.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

The staff of College Relations will serve as the internal office to monitor these guidelines and will respond to campus questions or concerns. Advertisers will be provided a copy of the Student Conduct Code and this regulation.

Adopted: 5/01
Updated: 2/09
Updated: President, 5/29/2018

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