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I. Title of Regulation

Credit by Assessment

II. Objective of Regulation

To enable the student to demonstrate mastery of course outcomes for credit prior to registration.

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Bylaws 1.3034(m)

IV. Regulation Statement

A student admitted to Brookdale Community College may, with the permission of the appropriate Academic Division Dean or designee, demonstrate mastery of learning at performance levels specified as course outcome to gain college credit equivalent to that listed in the College Catalog for the course in question.

Thus, it is acknowledged that the experiences and/or skills gained outside the regular college curriculum are compatible to the course objectives for which credit is requested. In no case will this regulation apply to courses in which the student is currently registered.

The following will prevail when considering the granting of credit by assessment:

1. The Academic Division Dean or designee, with the agreement of the Department Chair, will indicate the courses for which credit by examination are available.

2. The opportunity of attempting credit by examination will be granted only when the Academic Division Dean or designee is reasonably assured that the applicant is qualified by previous experience or by education.

3. The evaluation instrument will be similar to the one used for evaluation in the course being challenged and a grade will be recorded.

4. Credit by examination in a given course may be attempted no more than once.

5. Credit by examination will be administered by the appropriate Academic Department.

6. When credit is not granted, examination charges will be assessed to the students attempting each examination.

7. The current tuition and a examination fee (not General Service Fee) will apply to credits earned by examination.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Executive Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President 2/16/72
Effective: 2/16/72
Revised: 9/1/75
Revised: July 2013