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I. Title of Regulation

Cooperative Education Program

II. Objective of Regulation

The Cooperative Education Program at Brookdale is designed to encourage and permit students to gain work experience directly related to their academic programs.

Cooperative Education experience integrates on-campus learning with employment and is based on the principle that learning is not limited to academic achievement, but it is equally dependent upon practical experience.

The College is dedicated to a philosophy of education which recognizes that higher education must serve a two-fold purpose: to prepare students to earn a living and to enrich their lives through exposure to disparate areas of knowledge while fostering the capacity for lifelong learning. The College is thus committed to utilizing the entire community as a laboratory for learning.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 3.034(m); Board Policy 5.0009

IV. Regulation Statement

The implementation of this regulation will be as follows:

1. The Cooperative Education Department of Career Services will be responsible for coordinating the program. This will include publicity to the business community and Brookdale students, program evaluation, recruiting students and jobs, job placement, and other general activities.

2. The College will promote Brookdale as a “Co-op College” in its publications and other public relations activities.

3. Cooperative Education is a learning experience to be integrated with academic coursework.

4. Student Development specialists will include Cooperative Education learning experience(s) as part of the student’s academic plan whenever appropriate.

5. Brookdale will offer both credit and non-credit Cooperative Education learning experiences for students. Credit-bearing Cooperative Education work experiences will be called Cooperative Education Internships (in the catalog course description) and will hold the program designation and course number 299. Cooperative Education Internships may be from 1-6 credits. For all Cooperative Education Internships, the final approval for students’ assignments, supervision and evaluation will rest with faculty.

Non-credit bearing Co-op will be recorded on a student’s transcript as Cooperative Education Work Experience and is designated COP999. For all Coop work experiences, the final approval for students’ assignments will be jointly held by faculty and the Co-op staff. Supervision and evaluation will rest with the Cooperative Education staff.

6. For Cooperative Education Internships the required work hours for each credit will be 75 hours on the job. For Cooperative Education work experience, students are required to complete 225 hours on the job for each official work experience.

7. Students in both credit and non-credit Cooperative Education work experience will be subject to the rules and regulations of their Co-op employer.

8. The Cooperative Education Department will act in an administrative capacity to support credit and non-credit Cooperative Education.

9. The Cooperative Education Steering Committee will establish procedures to implement this regulation.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Executive Vice President for Educational Services

Approved: President 8/24/73

Effective: 8/24/73
Revised: 10/18/77
Revised: 4/94
Effective: 4/94
Updated: 2/09