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I. Title of Regulation

Internship Program

II. Objective of Regulation

The Internship Program at Brookdale Community College is designed to encourage and permit students to gain work experience directly related to their academic programs.

Internships provide on-the-job experiences which are invaluable in preparing students for professional employment after graduation, as well as assisting students in learning more about their intended career path.

III. Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.4040 (l)

IV. Regulation Statement

The implementation of this Regulation will be as follows:

1. The Career, Leadership & Transfer Pathways Department is responsible for coordinating the program which includes developing and vetting partnerships with employers, publicizing opportunities to benefit Brookdale students and the community through an online database, program evaluation, program eligibility, and other general activities.

2. Internship learning experience(s) should be included as part of the student’s academic plan whenever appropriate.

3. Brookdale will offer both credit and non-credit internship experiences for currently enrolled, matriculated students. Credit-bearing Internship experiences will hold the program designation and course number 299. Students may earn 1-6 credits for an internship, depending upon the requirements of their major, the structure of the internship, and the number of hours and terms a student works. Interns are monitored by a faculty member and/or a Career Representative. Credit-bearing internships must fulfill all course requirements as assigned by faculty and will be graded by faculty.

Non-credit bearing internships will be recorded on a student’s transcript as Non-Credit Internship and is designated INTERN999. Supervision and evaluation will rest with the Career, Leadership & Transfer Pathways department.

4. For Credit Internships the required work hours for each credit will be a minimum of 45 hours. Factors that may impact the number of hours required of a student per credit might include accreditation policies and industry standards. For Non-credit internships, students are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours on the job.

5. Students in both credit and non-credit internships will be subject to the rules and regulations of their employer.

6. The Career, Leadership & Transfer Pathways Department will act in an administrative capacity to support credit and non-credit Internships

7. The Career, Leadership & Transfer Pathways Department will establish procedures to implement this regulation.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Chief Academic Officer


Approved: President 8/24/73
Effective: 8/24/73
Revised: 10/18/77
Revised: 4/94
Effective: 4/94
Updated: 2/09
Approved: President, 4/18/2023


Previously titled Cooperative Education Program and changed on 4/18/2023.