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I. Title of Regulation

Institutional Memberships

II. Objective of Regulation

To define the memberships that will be charged to the budget of the College

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Policy No. 2.0015

IV. Regulation Statement

A. In order that Brookdale Community College may best serve Monmouth County and further its professional standing and the professional growth of its staff, it is necessary that the College and certain of its personnel participate in various local, state and national organizations. Memberships at Brookdale may be divided into three categories:

1. General Institutional Memberships:  A general membership provides membership in an organization for the College as a whole; relates specifically to the mission of the College, and the benefits of membership can be documented. The cost of membership will be charged to the general institutional budget and should be in the name of the college and not in the name of an individual, when possible.

2. Position-Related Memberships:  A position-related membership is a membership of the College or Staff in a position-related organization. Position-related memberships include individual membership in a professional organization. The cost of such membership will be charged to the department budget.

3. Accreditation Required Memberships:  A membership required of a Division, Department or Position/Function to comply with accreditation rules or program requirements. The cost of such memberships will be charged to the general institutional accreditation budget. Costs for memberships and participation in specific accreditation initiatives of an optional nature will be charged to the requestor’s department budget.

B. It is necessary that certain controls be applied in determining memberships. The following will apply:

1. The membership must have tangible value to the institution. Justification for membership is required and must include a summary statement of the goals and/or objectives of the organization and a summary statement on benefits to be derived by Brookdale through the membership.

2. Whenever feasible, the membership will be an institutional membership rather than an individual membership. All institutional memberships must be approved by the President.

3. When numerous opportunities are available, requestors are asked to prioritize and limit their membership request to those organizations deemed to provide better benefits to the College.

4. Although memberships in service clubs and charitable organizations are encouraged, such memberships will not be funded by the College. Exceptions are permitted by the President when such organizations meet the Community Sponsorship Priorities criteria per the College’s Engineered Leadership initiative. No funds may be used for memberships in social clubs.

C. Employees wishing to purchase position/department related memberships must include the cost of the membership in their budget request for the year.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

President, Vice Presidents or Cabinet level administrators

Addendum: Community Sponsorship Request Form

Approved: President 9/10/74
Effective: 9/10/74
Revised: 9/1/75
Revised: Dec 2012
Approved: January 2013
Addendum:  July 2015