The 2.0000 series of college regulations govern the administration of Brookdale Community College; please select a specific policy to view.

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2.0000R Development and Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

2.0001R Supervision of College Communications

2.0002R Establishment of Board Policies and College Regulations 

2.0003R Policy Items Requiring Action by the President

2.0004R Action by the Board of Trustees

2.0005R Official College Report 

2.0006R Communications with the Media 

2.0007R Naming Rights Regulation

2.0009R Flag at Half Staff

2.0012R Official Recognition of Members of the Community and Guests of the College

2.0013R Involvement of Support Services in Program and/or Project Commitment

2.0014R Confidentiality of Library Circulation Records

2.0015R Institutional Memberships

2.0018R Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

2.0020R Traffic Regulation

2.0021R Board of Communications

2.0022R Beer and Wine on Campus at Events Sponsored by College Organizations

2.0023R Establishment of Safety and Health Committee

2.0024R Evaluation of College Services

2.0025R Public Access to Government Records

2.1000R College Security

2.1001R Title IX Regulation Against Sexual Harassment

2.1003R COVID-19 Vaccination or Weekly Testing Requirement

2.2000R Closing of the College and/or Suspension of Classes

2.3000R Records Storage, Retention, and Disposal

2.6000R Smoke Free College Environment

2.8000R Promotion, Advertising, and Sponsorships 

2.9000R Computer Resources, Network and Facilities Use 

2.9001R College-Wide Website Standards and Practices

2.9002R Computer Deployment and Replacement Regulation