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I. Title of Policy

Election of a Graduate to the Board of Trustees

II. Objective of Policy

To establish the process for election of a graduate as a voting member of the Board of Trustees.

III. Authority

New Jersey Statute 18A:64A-8 (amended) and the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.2010 and Section 1.3020.

IV. Policy Statement

Each spring the President will poll the students who have applied for graduation to determine who among them wishes to be considered by the student body for election to the Board of Trustees of Brookdale Community College (“College”) as provided by the statute.

An election will be held each spring. Rules for the election will be established by the Office of Student Life and Activities with the approval of the Associate Vice President Student Affairs.

The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will serve a one year term of office commencing at their swearing in ceremony after June 30th, subject to the successful candidate’s having been awarded an associate degree prior to June 30th of the preceding academic year.

In the event that the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes fails to qualify as a graduate or is unable to accept the office, the candidate receiving the next greatest number of votes will be considered the successful candidate and so on.

V. Responsibility for Implementation



Approved: Board of Trustees 10/13/80
Rev. 12/13/07
Approved: Board of Trustees, 05/29/2019

PDF Policy 2.5000 Election of a Graduate to the Board of Trustees