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I. Title of Regulation

Process for Comments by the Public at Meetings of the Brookdale Community College Board of Trustees

II. Objective of Regulation

The Board of Trustees conducts meetings pursuant to the requirements of the Open Public Meeting Act (Sunshine Law). The law neither requires nor prohibits public comments. This regulation sets forth the process for comments by the public at Board meetings. The public has the right to speak at a public meeting of the Board; speakers will be treated consistently as to time to comment and manner of comment. How much time is allowed for each speaker, the timing of the comment within the meeting’s framework, and determination of whether comments are permitted at a particular meeting, are all within the discretion of the Board.

III. Authority

Board of Trustee Policy 1.4140, Appearances before the Board Board of Trustee Bylaws 1.5060; 1.5140 N.J.S.A. 10:4-12a Open Public Meetings Act

IV. Regulation Statement

Board Policy 1.5140, Appearances before the Board, outlines the rights of any individual or group to petition the Board for an opportunity to be heard on any subject that lies within the Board’s jurisdiction. The Board will permit members of the public to speak in accordance with the Policy and this Regulation, provided that the comments are for appropriate public purposes and do not interfere with the accomplishment of College business. The following rules shall apply to all public comment.

  1. An individual requesting to speak, in advance of the meeting and at least five minutes prior to the meeting, shall, if practical, sign in with name, address, topic and position.
  2. When recognized, each speaker must indicate their name, address and relationship to the College, if any. Each speaker will be permitted up to five minutes for their comment. This time limit shall be strictly enforced by the Chair of the Board.
  3. Pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order, the Chair of the Board may alter the time limitations by a majority vote of the Board.
  4. The process of public comment shall be overseen by the Chair of the Board, including the point in the meeting when comment shall occur and the total duration of time allotted to it. Any individual wishing to speak, who has not followed these rules, may or may not be permitted to do so at the sole discretion of the Board Chair.
  5. This process may be summarized at the beginning of each public meeting and shall be contained on each public meeting notice and also posted on the entrance to each public Board meeting.

V. Responsibility for Implementation


Proposed:  September 12, 2012