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I.  Title of Regulation

6.1702R Awarding of Posthumous Degrees

II. Objective of Regulation

To recognize the achievement of the deceased student through the award of a posthumous degree, and to establish procedures and criteria for the awarding of posthumous degrees.

III. Authority

Board of Trustee Policy 5.1000 Standards for Granting Degrees and Certificates

IV. Regulation Statement

In order to respect and honor the academic efforts of deceased students, Brookdale Community College wishes to formalize the standards by which posthumous degrees and certificates are awarded.  All members of the college community are encouraged to notify the Registrar or Vice President for Student Success upon learning of the death of a student.

Students may be nominated for a posthumous degree by any member of the college community. Posthumous degrees will be awarded for a deceased student based upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Success.

Posthumous degrees may be awarded at commencement or an equally appropriate Event.  The following criteria will be considered before awarding a posthumous degree:

1.    Official enrollment status was “active” at the time of the student’s death. Requests will be made within two years of passing.

2.    At least 50% of all course requirements for the degree must have been completed and meet graduation residency requirements as stated in Regulation 6.100R – Eligibility for Graduation.

3.    The student must have been in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher, for all courses included in the degree program.

4.    The student is in good standing financially.

5.    The student had no record of code of conduct violations.

A member of the armed forces killed in the line of duty who was an active Brookdale Community College student at the time of his/her death or an inactive BCC student due to deployment at the time of death, shall receive a posthumous degree without regard to required criteria.  All exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Student Success.

Students who are not awarded posthumous degrees, may, upon determination by the Vice President for Student Success, be awarded a posthumous certificate or recognition.

The Vice President for Student Success, shall be responsible for developing and maintaining procedures that are consistent with this regulation.

V.  Responsibility for Implementation

The President


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See also: 6.1700R Eligibility for Graduation


Approved:  6/6/2017
Revision Approved: President 9/7/2018


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