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I.  Title of Regulation

7.0010R County Use of the Information Commons and Student Success Centers

II.  Objective of Regulation

The College provides access, as appropriate, to educational, cultural, technological, and recreational resources, to Monmouth County residents, as posted at each campus and the Higher Education Centers.

III.  Authority

Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Section 1.3034

IV.  Regulation Statement

Monmouth County residents are permitted limited use of the resources and equipment in the public areas of the Bankier Library at Lincroft and the Freehold and Wall Branch campuses and Higher Education Centers.  Such permission excludes classrooms and closed labs.

All users of the Information Commons and Student Success Centers are expected to abide by all of the regulations and policies of the College.  County residents may apply for an identification card to borrow materials from the Bankier Library for limited times.  Restrictions on certain materials may apply.  At all times priority will be given to registered students and employees of the College for the use of the Information Commons and Student Success Centers.

A.    Unattended minors

1.    Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed on Brookdale Community College premises unless under the immediate supervision of an adult or for legitimate college business.

2.    Minors are never to be left unsupervised and are prohibited from being left unattended at all Brookdale locations, including but not limited to buildings, grounds, and parking lots.

3.    Parents, guardians, and/or adult registered students are required to accompany minors and will be held responsible for their guests’ behavior in accordance with College policies.

4.    On an emergency basis only, it is the prerogative of faculty to permit minors of enrolled students admission to regular classes.  However, admission of minors to all laboratory settings is prohibited for safety reasons.

V.   Responsibility for Implementation

The Vice President for Learning

Approved: 9/1971
Revised: 9/1975
Revised: 5/2009
Revised: 2/2016
Approved: President, 1/26/2016
Revised: President, 1/29/2018

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